Danica Ligato-Riding, LPC


I am a native of Cleveland, Ohio, born in Seoul, Korea, adopted as an infant and raised by Italian parents in the U.S. Marine Corps and law enforcement families. Development of identity, self-concept, and self-control has been a major focus of my life and, more specifically, my addiction recovery journey.

My years working in education and, now, in the counseling profession have blessed me with a deeper understanding of the value of self-awareness, our own truths, and unique life stories.

During young adulthood, I pursued a career in multi-age education and Spanish language at the University of Toledo, teaching across age levels, developmental levels, and diverse racial, cultural, and economic demographics. Twelve years in education significantly influenced my personal and professional development. This career cultivated my passion for and interest in human experiences.

My clinical experience began at Mercer University in Atlanta where I earned a Master’s of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Since 2016, my experience has been primarily in substance use treatment, mandated & court ordered counseling, treatment of behavioral issues and mood disorders, inpatient residential treatment, trauma, and co-occurring disorders.

The development of my clinical focus has been influenced by an integrative therapeutic approach. The role of our thoughts, emotions, and decision making process on our behavior is profound. How we cope, acquire new skills, and engage in self-care directly affects our existence. What stops us from focusing on ourselves, our needs? We possess an intrinsic power to explore ourselves and transform our actions, maximizing change and increasing hope. In order for a client to achieve personal goals, understanding one’s life story and subjective experiences is paramount. Those stories and experiences belong to us; they matter.

“I am a living story. I will not give up.” – TWLOHA

Danica Ligato-Riding, LPC