Relationship Counseling

“All relationships are different, but healthy relationships share at least these six things in common: a feeling of safety, honesty, open communication, and mutual respect, acceptance, and enjoyment.”



Here is a glimpse of what we focus on:

  • You are experiencing struggles with affection and intimacy in your relationship, the bond between you and your partner(s), or you feel distant or disillusioned in your relationship, maybe separation or divorce is on the table at this point.
  • You and your partner(s) are struggling with jealousy, infidelity, or arguments that rupture the trust, stability, and continuity in your relationship.
  • Your relationship is navigating a history or symptoms of abuse, trauma, mental illness, or addiction.
  • You are concerned about aspects of sex, sexuality, gender, sexual fantasy and what you might think are strange sexual interests and practices. You/partner(s) want some guidance around safety and contracting in kink relationships.
  • Religious, ethnic, racial, or cultural influences are preventing you and your partner(s) from enjoying sex, or are in conflict with your partner’(s) or family beliefs.
  • You are fearful and have never been able to have an intimate relationship, never have experienced affection or intimacy within you family or for some other reason struggle with making relationships. These dynamics are impacting your current relationship, or hopes for a future relationship.
  • You are in the planning stages or transitions with relationships- children, life without children, pre-marriage.

Relationships are complex and exist in many forms. The interpersonal space can go through pain, trauma, and conflict, and often many of the problems we face with our partners can go unresolved.

In relationship counseling, we will work to fortify the foundation of your partnership, look at where you are with the patterns of your relationship style, address your individual and collective histories, family-of-origin influences, and create space for secure bonding and trust.

We work with relationship systems to help members define and foster meaningful relationships. Through relational therapy you will learn to identify and manage healthy boundaries, communication, empathy, attachment, and to find resolution and healing for conflict or trauma.

We work with many frameworks of intimacy and sexual relationships:

  • asexual
  • bisexual/lesbian/gay/queer
  • blended family systems
  • casual sexual
  • consensual non-monogamous/open relationships
  • heterosexual
  • kink (power dynamics, concepts of fantasy)
  • long-distance relationships
  • monogomous/monogomish
  • poly (variants)
  • swinging

We use evidence-based methods to help you rediscover connection, intimacy, attachment, and love. This process will help you and your partner(s) build a resilient, and strong future together.

Resources– Rated one of the top 5 e-health projects in the world provides credible and up-to-date sexual health information.

OMGYES– A research-oriented space designed to address a woman’s pleasure.

Relate Institute– The RELATE questionnaire is designed to help you and your partner have meaningful discussions about criteria proven to affect relational satisfaction, while identifying both common ground and trouble spots in the relationship.