Mindset: healing begins here


Charlie Brown and Snoopy ❤ Who doesn’t love this dynamic duo?

I saw this cartoon pop up on my social media timeline the other day, and it reminded me of something that I can sometimes forget- the importance and value of perspective. And on an even deeper level, mindset.

I once read a beautiful illustration on mindset, which defined it as the North Star of our intellect, it is where wisdom is born- our orienting mechanism. Mindset deeply influences how we understand and accept ourselves and those things that happen to us. It guides change and growth. It is our collection of beliefs that make up the reference library of our consciousness- the place we go to figure out how to see, think, feel or act. I believe our development as human beings abides in our mindset.

If there is an overarching goal in life, I have found it to be that we all have an innate desire to understand ourselves. One of my clients defined this (their self) as their heart- their center around which all life revolves, and their work in counseling as the journey to find this space.

Ask yourself, “What do I want for myself, for my life?” If your answer is, “I want to live a happy and fulfilling life. I want to become the person I want to be,” you have come to a place where you identify that you want change, you want happiness, and you want to grow. You will accomplish this, by developing a healthy mindset- a growth mindset- where we understand that we can grow and develop beyond our current understanding of ourselves.

I want to tell you this process will be easy, but the reality is you will have to fight for it, with yourself and for yourself. Because change, growth, and healing are not easy, they are not given to us- we have to discover them for ourselves. Sometimes we have to fight to heal.

It helps to remember, you are fighting to change a lifetime of conditioning that helped develop your current mindset, that collection of beliefs that guides our lives and influences change. This is where healing begins. This is also where it ends. Because with the right mindset, there are no limits to the fulfillment and happiness you can achieve in your life.

Marielle Stair is an independently Licensed Clinical Social Worker and psychotherapist who works with trauma and healing through an integrative decision-making lens. She provides in-person and online counseling, licensed in the state of Georgia.


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