Individual Counseling

First, we hope you know you are not broken.

You are resilient, and healing is possible.


A glimpse of our focus:

  • You are experiencing struggles transitioning or adjusting to a new environment, situation, a new crisis, or change in your life.
  • You are experiencing symptoms or want to continue treatment associated for mental distress, like depression and anxiety related symptoms.
  • You are living with hallucinations or struggling with certain beliefs, have/had suicidal thoughts or behaviors, or self-harming behaviors.
  • You are living with symptoms following a trauma (recent or in your history) like nightmares, having trouble sleeping or concentrating, feeling angry or irritable, taking risks or avoiding memories, feeling shame or guilt, being easily startled or feeling fearful, being constantly on the lookout for danger, or feeling flat or numb a lot of the time.
  • You have experienced or witness life-changing trauma in professions like military service, medical and emergency response services, public services.
  • You have experienced or witnessed physical, psychological, emotional, financial, or sexual assault or abuse.
  • You are living with chronic pain symptoms, illness, or ongoing medical issues that impact your quality of life.
  • You have experienced a loss like the death of someone you loved, or the end of a relationship/marriage, and you are experiencing grief and bereavement.

In individual counseling, we don’t just work on solving problems, we help you learn how to live a life based on your values.

Racial or Cultural Stress

  • You are experiencing stress, feel the weight of systemic forces, or a sense of hopelessness and isolation due to your race, ethnicity, religion, or cultural heritage.
  • You are struggling with a sense of loss or displacement from your natal culture. This can crop up if you are an immigrant, or even a First/Second Gen, and can result in cultural bereavement or struggles with your cultural identity.
  • You are experiencing worry, financial stress, health problems, trouble acclimating, discrimination, loneliness, and isolation due to your cultural/ethnic identity.
  • You are dating or in an inter-cultural, inter-ethnic, or inter-racial relationship, or you are experiencing issues within your relationship that has to do with culture, religion, or ethnicity.
  • You or your family have experienced the trauma of being a refugee, detainment, or resettlement, conflict in your natal country, loss due to war/conflict/genocide.

Queer, LGB, and Trans

  • You are in your first queer relationship, or are trying to figure out what all this means to you, and who you are; maybe you are experiencing some confusion during this journey, or with your belief/value system.
  • You have experienced trauma from being outed or coming-out, or need help with the coming out process.
  • You are fearful about being discriminated against, or are experiencing loss of friendships or family, discrimination among your peers or social networks.
  • You are needing support and affirmation, need help with resourcing, or simply to continue with therapy in a validating environment.
  • You are transitioning and exploring gender related issues and norms.

Young Adults

  • You are struggling with motivation in your classes, disillusionment in your chosen academic, or career path, or trying to navigate your graduate or academic demands.
  • You are experiencing some issues with transitioning to or from college, dating and peer-related stressors, starting a new career or job hunting, or trying to figure out how to use your newly minted degree.
  • You are trying to navigate the differences in your values and those of your parents.
  • You are navigating mental illness, addiction issues at this stage in your life; these symptoms may be new to you, or you are continuing treatment.
  • You have experienced interpersonal trauma in the academic environment- sexual assault, date rape, harassment, or hazing (we all know this still happens).